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Guide Class 2- Brother Embroidery

Guide Class 2- Embroidery Basics and Learning positioning, combined designs, frame work and connectivity between computer and your machine.

Applique - Patchabilities Monthly Mini

Patch abilities Monthly Mini's are designed to teach your the basics of machine applique. Each class will feature a different month project, so you will be ready to add to your decor with these fast and fun mini's. (We will be starting with the month of March design) The project kits come complete with Pattern, Fabric, Buttons and Project Hanger.

Guide Class 3- Brother My Design Center

Guide Class 3 This class is for customers with the Dream Machine, Luminaire XP1, XP2, XJ1, XE1, as well as the Entrepreneur PR1055X. Learn scanning features of these machines, as well as how to digitize right on your machine's screen.

Feb 1
Guide Class 1- Brother Sews
Feb 8
Guide Class 2- Brother Embroidery
Feb 9

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